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Pettigrews now stock our cards, so if you want to support us but don’t want to become a regular member  or if you are a regular member, you can buy our cards there Tell all your friends. 

We may also be looking to produce postcards, so if you have any lovely photos that you do not mind us using to put on a postcard and sell to fund the Friends of Bute Park, please email us.

Next Lovely Conservation Dates.  

 Saturday 13 January at 10:30 am meeting at the Summerhouse Café for coffee and discuss ideas about our activities in the coming year.  All sensible ideas very welcome.  Then afterwards we will follow our coffee with a wander down towards Blackweir Woods to spot the birds.  Please bring your waterproofs,stout footwear, binoculars and spotter books.  We hope to have a guest to help us out if we are lucky.  However, this is not guaranteed.  Also this walk will not take place in heavy rain as the birds have more sense than us and will be sheltering.

Future conservation dates will be on the second Saturday of the month. These dates will be confirmed on our websites and by email.  All volunteers welcome.



Cardiff Nats Group have a very interesting website:Website


 The Education Centre will open between 12 and 3pm and has accessible toilets.  Otherwise the toilets are in Sophia Gardens car park and Pettigrews café.

Bute Park Goodie
Bute Park Staff have now got hives in the Secret Garden, and the Education Centre is now selling Bute Park Honey  as well as the various pot plants  supplied by the gardeners .

Volunteering opportunities at Bute Park Education Centre including front of house volunteers who meet and greet visitors to the centre, give out Bute Park maps and trails and assist with the day to day running of the centre.  Educational event volunteers who assist the Council’s Education Officer with educational visits and family events at the Education Centre and in the park.  :

 The nursery is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

HB Pulling

Who thought next year would come around so quickly.  When Spring is sprung and we start controlling this lovely pest again, see below for what you need.

You need to bring/wear sensible clothing and footwear – long sleeves/trousers and gloves in case of nettles and weather wise protection;  Remember to keep each other in sight, and do not leave bags etc unattended.




 Hedgehogs – if you see them in daylight they may be unwell and need to be rehydrated.   Phone The Hedgehog Helpline  07557646773 or take them to a vet. 

 We always welcome new members –   Come and join us or contact us as below:

Email us at:

Facebook – buteparkfriendsgroup – apply to join

Follow us on Twitter:  @ friendsbutepark

 Are you also interested in: –
Tagging the Trees in the Park.
The Friends of Bute Park along with Malcolm Frazer will be replacing lost tags on the trees in the autumn months and updating the Park records. Do let us know if you are interested in helping to do this.

Digital Camera


Himalayan Balsam Pulling Requirements

Long trousers or jeans are a must when pulling as the Balsam can be surrounded by nettles and brambles; though we will not ask new pullers to tackle  these areas. Stout shoes are also a necessity as the ground can be uneven to say the least. Gardening gloves or other tough gloves are also needed  whilst protection against the elements is necessary whether it be rain or sun.  Keeping ourselves and others safe by keeping someone else in sight is a priority and awareness of hazards such as low flying branches is more than desirable.  However, despite these occupational hazards, we have never lost a HB Puller yet, and most injuries are just scratches and stings, which mean nothing to the toughies who choose to pull in those choice areas (its a choice not a requirement, which means they are much to be admired).  All the HB Puller posse are aware that we are helping to prevent a monoculture and keeping bio-diversity alive and well, whilst also knowing that this is  the most satisfying, social, and rewarding way to keep fit.    Please be aware we do not demand total commitment, constant attendance, or the putting in of long hours, only that people should be responsible adults and take care of their own children if brought along.  We also like to go for a cuppa afterwards but that is not obligatory.p1030722



Other Organisations

The Cardiff Naturalists Society
 CNS has excellent presentations each month .  Visit their website:




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