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Important Notice

The Bute Park Friends Group is currently dormant pending recruitment to the necessary committee posts. If you would like to become involved with the Bute Park Friends Group please make contact with Paul Barratt…


Yesterdays AGM (29/06/19)was poorly attended and our committee remains the same. Julia Sas, the Park Manager, queried the poor attendance and suggested that we become more proactive in gaining support from the public.

Barry Embling then led a very interesting walk amongst the trees in the park, pointing out insect and nemotode damage. Sadly too many trees are dying or dead because of the prolonged drought last year and the squirrels are stripping bark from branches and roots, which in turn is affecting the trees’ health – too many squirrels. Did you know that they are classified as pests? And this is why. The second photo shows the bare patches where the squirrels were taking off the bark as we arrived.

Many thanks to Barry for a very informative walk.. It indicated how much care is needed to care for the trees to ensure they survive.

Helping and protecting your park.

WE REALLY NEED YOU TO SUPPORT OUR ACTIVITIES IN THE PARK, especially as there will be more cuts in the parks’ finances this year and staff are depleted.  There are conservation tasks, helping in the nursery, arranging talks and walks about any relevant subject that interests you – we would welcome any help in any form – would you like to join our committee?  We meet for an hour a month – it’s not onerous!

 So please email us or put suggestions on our Facebook page or tweet us.


If you have any views on what activities/events/conservation work you would like to help us do in the park, or which you would like to attend, then pop over to our Events page and look for our email address.


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