All future events can be found on the Events page but below is a brief mention and a follow up to the events and other interesting information for you.

Pettigrews now stock our cards.

See more on Events page.

7th April  was cancelled due to heavy rain and the Ranger not thinking it was safe to work in the Woods.  Those who did not see the Cancellation notice in time went for a stroll to see what was growing.

 Happy to chat to any members at the RHS Show.  The Civic Society have invited Friends of Bute Park to two events – see the Events page.

WE have events planned for April – see our Events page for details.

Events and Issues 

Secret Garden Café has re-opened.  Seems very nice.

Future conservation work

The system for conservation tasks has been changed by the Park Manager. Instead of the Friends working direct with the ranger to organise conservation, the Park Manager will now discuss tasks with the ranger, and the Friends will be invited to participate, along with other volunteers, again on the second Saturday of the month.

Previously – The council cut down the brambles along the banks of the dock feeder at the Blackweir end of the park. Thus removing the  shelter and nesting sites for the birds, butterflies, insects and hedgehogs.  Also they mowed the grass under the trees opposite the playing fields, killing several hedgehogs.   There was no method or reason as to how they mowed and cut back the brambles. We would still like you to please let us know if you witness other disturbances to wild life and also let your Councillors know.  Hedghogs are a threatened species so lets stop this killing

Events told to us by other people.

Cardiff Naturalists Society

Have talks very often, so visit their website to see what is available.

Cardiff Rivers Group is holding volunteer events over the year.  For details visit their website.

Cardiff Council are holding their School Wheelbarrow competition at the 2018 Royal Horticultural Show – Cardiff.  
The theme this year is ‘The Sea’.

dsc_0068-3.jpgLinks below to our Photos page.

Photos in Gallery

Gallerysub directory Photo of the Month

Well done to those who have submitted their photos to the Gallery.

Pettigrews now stock our cards.

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