See future events including an official Bute Park event on the events page.


If you have an interesting story to tell about your visits to Bute Park, your knowledge of people in the past who were involved in the Park, history of events in the park, then email us and we will put this on our website.   Please be aware that we may edit your stories.

We love our park and want to know that you love it too.  We also want to find out, what events would appeal to you?  Would you like to get involved more in the park, or just chillax?  What do you love about our Bute Park and what do you hate?

We also are putting up a gazebo in the park once a month and would like you to stop off and chat to us, tell us all about what you enjoy, what your history is about using the park.  

So talk to us when you see us.


 Hedgehog Alert

Hedgehogs – if you see them in daylight they may be unwell and need to be rehydrated.   Please phone The Hedgehog Helpline  07557646773 or take them to a vet. 


Red Oak Down

 Wild and stormy night.

We all heard the wind that blew whilst Irma was battering the Caribbean and USA, this was mild compared to that, this was Storm Aileen, still challenging on her own account.  The amount of branches and trees that have been blown down in Bute Park are immense.  Like this Red Oak that had fungal damage at its roots, which led to its toppling over when Storm Aileen hit.  Gorgeous in Autumn with its red leaves, only its sister oak next to it, is left to glow in autumnal colours.  One of our Friends of Bute Park is showing how huge the root ball is.  He is a tall chap, but is tiny against this massive mound of roots and earth.  Well, we will need to start planting trees again if this keeps up, so if anyone knows of a free supplier of such trees as the Red Oak tree, get in touch.

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