See future events including an official Bute Park event on the events page.


Well we put the AGM event out there and we had a nice crowd, and enjoyed ourselves with free coffee, tea and cake, plus choosing our favourite photos out of the ones on display.  However we do not want our members to miss out, and if you wanted to come, but the day was not suitable, please let us know whether Sunday or an evening event would be better in the future, as we want to make our AGM even more accessible and we love to meet new people.

The below let everybody know what our AGM would be like and it was absolutely true that we had lots of lovely biccies and tea, but also really nice coffee and cake. Yummy.

Also our AGM is Saturday.
Ooh, lovely biccies and tea whilst we vote for our Friends of Bute Park members photos.  Look forward to seeing the resulting calendar.  Remember if you enter, you agree for your photo/s to be used for the calendar if you get chosen.

Sustrans Study in regard to Taff Trail 

Sustrans have been commissioned to do a study into the Taff Trail to identify priorities and good ideas for improvements. This is part of the Council’s desire to improve active travel along established routes as well as introducing new routes over time. The friends have been identified as a stakeholder group for the study. How the Friends members engage with the study is up to them, please ask them to consider this.  Friends could pop along informally and contribute at Pop up events or the Friends of Bute Park Group could contribute in a more organised way, e.g. putting the below questions formally out to their membership (so consider this as the Friends Group putting it out formally and giving members the chance to pop along as well), and then formulating a consensus group response as The Friends of Bute Park.   If a formal view is taken as a group then they need to restrict their views to the parts of the Taff Trail that go through or run directly adjacent to Bute Park. 

I am (Lindsey) happy to meet and discuss the study in more detail if the Friends would like that? (Lindsey offered to speak at a forthcoming meeting for example). 

Below are the details of the events Sustrans are holding this week. The Friends would be very welcome to come along.  The Bute Park Management team are a stakeholder group as well so they to are engaged from their point of view. 

As discussed here are the questions Sustrans/Cardiff Council are planning to launch in an online survey on Friday. Great if you can share these with the Friend of Bute Park Group.  They are happy for the members to discuss and feed their responses back to my email. 

The questions Sustrans/Cardiff Council are planning to put in the survey are:

o   How often do you use the Taff Trail?
o   What do you use it for?
o   What concerns do you have about the Taff Trail?
o   Which part of the Taff Trail would you improve first?
o   What is your solution?

 Lindsey Brown says “Any questions please give me a shout”.


Lindsey Brown
Rheolwr Rhanbarthol, Dinasoedd / Area Manager, Cities
We welcome correspondence in Welsh and English.
Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg
Sustrans Cymru
123 Stryd Bute/123 Bute Street
Ffôn/Tel: 029 2065 060


 The Secret Garden Café has closed  as the recent new management have apparently decided to close it and its last day was Thursday 28/9/17.  A bit of a surprise to the Friends of Bute Park and we have yet to find out what their reasons are.  Unfortunately, this means the toilets will be closed apart from the ones in the Education Centre, open only when the Education Centre is.  Reasons given are that there is no-one to monitor the area if the café is gone, and that there are no cleaners on the staff to deal with any unpleasant events. 

 Hedgehog Alert

Hedgehogs – if you see them in daylight they may be unwell and need to be rehydrated.   Please phone The Hedgehog Helpline  07557646773 or take them to a vet. 


Red Oak Down

 Wild and stormy night.

We all heard the wind that blew whilst Irma was battering the Caribbean and USA, this was mild compared to that, this was Storm Aileen, still challenging on her own account.  The amount of branches and trees that have been blown down in Bute Park are immense.  Like this Red Oak that had fungal damage at its roots, which led to its toppling over when Storm Aileen hit.  Gorgeous in Autumn with its red leaves, only its sister oak next to it, is left to glow in autumnal colours.  One of our Friends of Bute Park is showing how huge the root ball is.  He is a tall chap, but is tiny against this massive mound of roots and earth.  Well, we will need to start planting trees again if this keeps up, so if anyone knows of a free supplier of such trees as the Red Oak tree, get in touch.

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