Previous Fungal Foray


Last October or the year before, the Friends of Bute Park were treated to a fungal foray organised and led by members of the Glamorgan Fungus Group (see their Facebook page here). Looking forward to the next  walk this October 2016.

The attendees at that time received many useful tips, including how to differentiate between edible and poisonous mushrooms.

Here are some photographs of our finds at the time, but these represent only a few of the many. I have done my best to name the species but, if a mistake has been made, please do get in touch and corrections can be made.


The Glamorgan Fungus Group were kind enough to send us a complete list of the species that we saw on the day, so if any of you are trying to identify a photo that you took- have a look at these:

Sycamore Tarspot Rhytisma acernium
Alder Tongue Taphrina alni
Southern Bracket Ganoderma australe
Stump Puffball Lycoperdon pyriforme
Glistening Inkcap Coprinellus micaceus
Beech Milkcap Lactarius blennis
Jelly Ear Auricularia auricula-judae
The Deceiver Laccaria laccata
King Alfred’s Cakes/Cramp Balls Daldina concentrica
Purple Jellydisc Ascoryne sarcoidis or cylichnium
Oysterling Crepidotus
Oyster Mushrooms Pleurotus ostreatus
Lumpy Bracket Trametes gibbosa
Common Inkcap Coprinus atramentaria
Wolf’s Milk Lycogala terrestre or epidendron (Slime Mould Myxomycetes)
Orange Bonnet Mycena acicula
Crystal Brain Exidia nucleata
Clouded Agaric Clitocybe nebularis
Yellow Stainer Agaricus xanthodermus
Candlesnuff Fungus Xylaria hypoxylon
Redlead Roundhead Stropharia aurantiaca
Blue Roundhead Stropharia caerulea
Beaked Earthstar Geastrum pectinatum

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