Identification of Bulb Planting Task 2014

Throughout the Restoration Project, bulbs have been planted throughout the Park by various groups. Many of these plantings have not been based on any previously drawn plans or recorded after they were planted. This left a significant gap in the data Bute Park staff had about the park and made it difficult to plan future bulb planting as they did not know what they had already got and where it is. Volunteers were needed to gather information on various things so that they ended up with a reasonably accurate plan showing the distribution and type of bulbs planted in grass areas throughout the Park.

The project took place over a 12 month period (starting January 2014) and entailed volunteers:
· Walking the park every few weeks and recording the location of emerging bulbs
· Plotting the location and size of the groups on a plan with reasonable accuracy – within a couple of meters accuracy would be fine for most groups.
· Identifying main species groups – daffodils, crocus, mixed (with species) etc..
· Identifying variety if possible – we may have records of what was planted but not necessarily exactly where it was planted
· Making a note of the flowering time and period.
· Attending sessions to help plot the data into Bute Park auto cad and map info records

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