Visit to the Mill Leat – 27th September 2013

Mill Leat Site Visit

On Friday 27th September we were invited by Alun Griffiths – the contractors on the Mill Leat project – to visit the site.  This was a unique opportunity to see the work in progress before the Mill Leat, in front of the west wall of Cardiff Castle, is finally flooded. We were impressed by the care with which the masonry had been restored and by the efforts made to protect the trees around the site.  This is a major project costing over £800,000 and will restore the appearance of the Castle to that before the Mill Leat was drained in the 1970’s. We were interested in the remains of the old mill as well as the foundations for the piers of the Swiss Bridge that formerly linked the Castle and the Park; these had been revealed during the work.

Thanks to Gail Jones for organising the visit and to Christian the engineer who guided us around and answered our questions.”

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